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ABOUT D-day Gainz

D-Day Gainz was founded in 2023 by Dylan Muollo who studied at Wintec Te Pukenga and recieved his bachelors in Sport and Exercise Science as of last year

Here at D-day Gainz we want to provide the best workout programmes for all of our clients and educate them on how to exercise better, whether they're wanting to gain muscle, lose fat, get fitter or just want to feel comfortable in their own body, we are here to help guide you on your journey

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Core Lifts

The essentials lifts that every beginner needs to know

Barbell Row

Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Back Squat



Overhead Strict Shoulder Press

Horizontal Push

Horizontal Pull

Vertical Push

Vertical Pull

Vertical Pull

Lumbar Pelvic Stability

Lower Body Pull

Squat Pattern

Single-leg Pattern

Lunge Pattern

Pregnant Fitness

Infographics Concept Map

Due to this group's reduced training hours they can train more frequently 5 sessions lasting 30mins

Overall low intensity training like swimming, walking and light weightlifting prove as perfect training variations

This clintelle must be wary of their physical condition as in feeling nauseous

Pregnant women are advised to avoid vigorous training

Yoga is a perfect variation of exercise for this group as it keeps them active while working on their mobility

This clientele have a reduced exercise time of 150mins a week

Highly vigourous training can be dangerous for the baby

Pregnant Woman

Weight Loss

Infographics Concept Map

It has been proven by researchers that obesity links to increased chances of heart disease and diabetes

Obese people are defined by scoring 25+ on the body mass index and obesity also affects 66% of the adult population

Obesity is caused from an accumilation of fat cells around the body

This group suffer from Respiratory issues, heat exhaustion and possible joint issues

Moderate - vigorous training is recommended to burn calories to reach a calorie surplus

The recommended amount of exercise for weight loss is 250mins a week

To accompany in weight loss a recommended energy burn per day would be 1200-2000 kcal to at least maintain bodyweight

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181 Collingwood st, Hamilton Lake

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